Loop – No Apple Mac ? Struggling to build the Loop App? Look here

Loop is a fantastic app, and for the tech savvy it’s still not exactly easy to build and sign the apps using an Apple mac for iOS.

So you’re wanting to get Loop up and running but you can’t build the Loop app…
This might be for several reasons

  1. You can’t afford/justify the £79/$99 developer licence fee
  2. You have no access to an Apple mac to use xCodes to build & sign your app
  3. You have absolutely no technical knowledge whatsoever and are overfaced by the project.

Well I am here to help

I have made some download links available which need to be clicked on using Safari on the iOS device you wish to install Loop on.


IMPORTANT ! Please read & understand the disclaimer & warning below



Unfortunately, due to the way that the apple developer system works, if I disassociate a computer with my developer licence, or don’t renew my developer licence, all apps developed & signed by that device & developer licence are disabled. As such you will no longer be able to use Loop and it will stop working immediately. I will try refrain from doing this as long as possible if it’s financially viable – see donation form below. It would be helpful to keep a list of users using these apps so I can do my best and attempt to notify users if this may happen to give users time to seek an alternative. Please see the form at the bottom of this page.

Is highly experimental
Is not approved for therapy
You take full responsibility for downloading, installing and running this system and do so at your own risk.
Use Loop at your own risk
These Loop installations have been built & signed by myself Henry Aspden using the original code as taken from https://github.com/LoopKit/Loop on the dates displayed in the version details. The only alterations made to these files are to the digital signing process & not to the app’s source code in any way.
I am not responsible for the contents of the Loop application, or any dependencies it requires.
You have read and understand the risks involved with using me, my device & developer program to sign this app & the fact that it could be revoked immediately & stop working at any point.



I have had to pay the £79\$99 developer licence fee on a yearly basis.
Please help me to continue doing these builds by donating via PayPal towards these costs & for my time & efforts.

Thank You.





All you need to do now is complete for form below.

Note : follow this guide to finding your UDID for your iOS device

Please visit http://loopkit.github.io/loopdocs for more information

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