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Lenovo Smart Tab & Smart Dock
Lenovo P10 / M10 Smart Tab & Smart Dock Nightscout Dock Mock

Lenovo Smart Tab & Smart Dock… The future

As I renovate my own home, I’ve been searching for a while for a nice way of displaying my blood glucose data via NightScout around the home in sleek, stylist and attractive way. I’ve toyed with Raspberry Pi & cases (and this works flawlessly) but it’s just not as “sexy” as I’d like…

Recently however, I’ve just come across the Lenovo Smart Tab range with their Smart Dock. These 10.1″ Android Oreo 8.0, Alexa enabled tablet & docks quite simply look amazing & have got the hardware to back them up.


My house is going to be open plan downstairs & previously I had liked the idea of a wall docked (not mounted) tablet to control my smart home technology – things like heating, music & lighting. This Lenovo tablet should act as the perfect gadget to do just that & be my BG data screen too as mocked up in the gallery above.

What I plan to do is use some apps like WebLock to point to my site at and set this to be my lock screen. This way the tablet will show this screen whenever it’s locked.

Down the line I’d like to get a few more of these, or perhaps just the dock’s themselves, so as I move about the house I can adjust things on each of the 4 stories in my little end terrace…

Got any ideas about how you’d put this tablet to use with your diabetes tech? Please, comment below

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