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So if you’re stuck trying to build AndroidAPS & you have followed all the guides here and are still having no luck but you are desperate to see what AndroidAPS is all about? Well here I have compiled my own build from the source code at GitHub here // by following the guide at //


that I, Henry Aspden hold no responsibility for any consequences that arise from the download, installation of these .apk files. The links are provided for educational purposes and are not intended for you to use for medical purposes or to make or base medical decisions on or from. You agree to take full responsibility for any actions or consequences which arise from downloaded, installing and using these .apk files.

AndroidAPS 2.3

Build: AndroidAPS 2.3

Flavour: fullrelease

Download URL: //

Size: 14.12mb

AndroidAPS 2.2

Build: AndroidAPS 2.2

Flavour: fullrelease

Download URL: //

Size: 12.98mb

AndroidAPS 2.1.2

Build: AndroidAPS 2.1.2

Flavour: fullrelease

Download URL: //

Size: 13.68mb

AndroidAPS 2.0

Build: AndroidAPS 2.0

Flavour: fullrelease

Download URL: //

Size: 12.31mb

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